Artificial Intelligence for Missions Autonomy

AIKO research-centered, innovative and futuristic mission is clear: developing algorithms infused with Artificial Intelligence, to increase the autonomy of current space missions.

Artificial Intelligence has entered a new period of scientific relevance.
It's time to leap from the traditional, rigid, Earth-bound space systems to autonomous, sentient ones. Scientific data must be prioritized, telemetry data must be interpreted with improved accuracy, failures must be mitigated, design must be optimized.
AI-based algorithms not only offer increased performances with respect to traditional architectures, but are an enabling technology for advanced mission concepts.


Advanced Flight Software

Mission specific Command and Data Handling algorithms for E4-level autonomy.
Artificial Intelligence for Mission Replanning, Failure Detection, Isolation and Reconfiguration, Event Detection, Data Selection.

Big Data applications for space missions

Analysis algorithms for Mission Data. Feature Extraction, Image Classification, Pattern Recognition.

Expert Systems for Space Engineering

Employing Case-Based Reasoning to perform System Diagnosis, Design and Decision-Making, Project Planning.


Machine Learning

We make of Machine Learning our flagship technology:
- Neural Networks
- Expert Systems
Adaptation of the technology to Space Systems (C&DH, AOCS, GNC, EPS) and to Space Missions. Our team has years of international presence in aerospace congresses (IAC, AIAA Space, ESA 4S, European CubeSat Symposium).

On-Board Software

Embedded Software Development on most typical Nanosatellites processors:
- ARM9, Linux RT
- MSP430, SalvoOS™
Development heritage on the flown e-st@r CubeSat family.


Accepted in I3P Incubator

As of 23/05/2017, we are officially accepted among the startups of italian incubator I3P. We are currently in pre-incubation status, evolving into incubated in September 2017.

PoliTo CubeSat Team

We are official supporters of Politecnico di Torino CubeSat Team.